Chapter 1: The First Blog Post

So… Hello 🙂

Welcome to the thinking space of a “no-thoughts-right-now”, “mind-empty” being on the internet. Here is my random first blog post. I’m so glad you’re here, thank you for stopping by 😊. I think it feels strange to start on something when you haven’t quite got topics and purpose all planned out – in addition to me, really, not being the best writer. However! I think when your mind is full of ideas or on the contrary, devoid of anything – basically to the point where all is simply reduced to a sad muddle, it’s better to just take your first step forward and see where that takes you.

At least that is the philosophy that I have been trying to live by these days. Believing in oneself and taking chances. 🦋

I have (regrettably,) been procrastinating over how to write ze worthy first post 🤌, and 3 years have gone by in a “blink of an eye”. It’s a waste, I know. First, it was about that. Then I began to wonder and worry about structure and design of my blog. Finally, after what seems like forever, I have come to the conclusion that if I stayed stagnant for too long, just worrying and imagining about what might possibly happen, I’m not going to get anywhere. Besides, good content over aesthetics, am I right?

“The possibility of all these possibilities being possible, is just another possibility that could possibly happen” – Mark Lee, NCT

It’s common sense, I know. But hey, I’m not flawless and words are actually a lot easier than actions. Now that I’ve gotten started on writing my blog, I’ll gradually get a hang of it, I promise.

On the topic of my procrastination-bad-habit, I’ve recently taken a step up at some other aspects of my life (as part of my “working on it” initiative). The most revolutionary – I took up my first ever part-time job – working outside of family grounds, as a gymnastics coach! Exciting? Yes. Nerve-wrecking? Maybe. If we know each other personally, you may have heard that I’ve been in competitive gymnastics. It was at some point, a pretty big deal to me (loved it with all my heart). I have since gained the title of ‘former gymnast’ 5 years ago, but switching up from an athlete’s POV, now I get to coach!

The idea of AG (artistic gymnastics) coaching and judging have tickled my fancy a couple times before, so naturally, bursting with fascination, I quickly jumped at an opportunity I got. I am admittedly, not usually that kind of person – one with a strong sense of what they want and decisiveness, so this was a first for me – making such a decision which in my books, would be considered: rather hasty behaviour. (I’m more of a thinker. Tbh, mostly overthinking.)

As you can imagine, it’s been quite the experience for me so far – that I’m incredibly grateful for, and I would love to share it with you ❤️ Fresh new things I’ve learnt, my thoughts, a douse of rainbow… But guess what? I shall share it with you… in another post! (told you I would get a hang of it 😉) [Internal link to another post to be inserted here in near future]

Wrapping up, I plan to post all sorts of bits and bobs on my site – Storytime, journals, hobby-related*, (hopefully) informative stuff… I hope you can stick around and find something you like on here, dear adventurer!

* If you are interested, you can also find out more about me and my blog through the “About” page. Here is the direct link:

My song recommendation otd:
🎵 Get a Guitar – RIIZE (🔗
Commentary: I highly recommend checking this out with the music video. Sooo addictive! It’s been 3 weeks since its release but song still lives rent free in my head lalala XD

Much love,
(I can’t believe post #1 ended up decently long)

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